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Our training sessions are fun, intense, and community driven. If you find yourself lacking in motivation to workout, train for that race, or just haven’t found a good way to get started on your fitness journey, our exciting, welcoming classes are sure to be just the solution! Our classes are led by the best coaches anywhere, and designed to suit everyone from the beginner to the most experienced athletes. Check out our CrossFit classes or specialty classes and find your fitness outlet.

  • CrossFit Class

    The heart of Back East lies within our CrossFit group classes. Offered Monday through Saturday, these hour-long classes will focus on building an overall well rounded athlete consisting of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. All CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements, and these movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. All workouts can be scaled based on comfort and skill level and will be sure to challenge you!

  • Foundations

    Our Foundations program is a personalized instructional and informational course designed for the first-time CrossFitter (or for those who have taken more than a year away from the sport). We take a one-on-one approach to really slow things down and teach you the basic movements/techniques to get you moving safely and efficiently. This program is designed to prepare you for group CrossFit classes and allow our coaches to assess your specific goals and needs. The Foundations program is held over four sessions and must be completed before you join our regular CrossFit classes unassisted.


    • Included in first month
  • Back East Barbell

    Back East Barbell is designed to help CrossFit athletes looking to improve on their Olympic lifts – the Clean & Jerk and Snatch. Through constant technique drills and skill work, this class is created for all levels – beginner to advanced. Back East Barbell is led to help you master these technical lifts and guide you through the process! Barbell class meets on Thursdays at 5:30pm and Saturdays at 8am.

  • Endurance Class

    This is an hour-long endurance-based workout. This class is great for people looking to improve overall endurance and stamina. Endurance class meets on Sunday mornings at 9am.

  • CrossFit Kids

    Using activities that kids naturally enjoy, CrossFit Kids provides a fitness program that is safe, fun and energetic. The CrossFit Kids program is broken down into two classes, Little Explorers (ages 3-6) and Navigators (ages 7-11) and uses a combination of skill practice, workouts and games to build strength and conditioning in children. Following our gym’s main focus to improve the quality of life for our members, our goal is to help children become the best possible version of themselves. We are committed to teaching children to become successful leaders while also promoting the importance of health and fitness in a safe and positive learning environment. CrossFit Kids meets on Thursdays at 4:30pm and 5pm.


    • $55/child per session
  • Personal Training

    We offer personal workout programs to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Your personal trainer will develop an exercise regimen suited specifically for you, whether your goal is to gain muscle or lose weight. Or injury prevention, post-rehab, movement and performance assessment.

    A “Full Session” is 60 minutes of one-on-one attention from a coach, designed to be a complete session from warm-up and skill development to conditioning and cool-down stretching.

    A “Skill Session” is 30 minutes spent with a coach, focusing on a single movement or skill. This is a great option for someone looking for more personalized attention in developing a more complex exercise (like the Olympic-style lifts or gymnastics movements).


  • Nutrition Coaching

    Lauren Sefcik Fitness & Nutrition provides nutritional guidance and an approach to fit any lifestyle you may experience. Diets are not a ‘one-size fits all’ because every individual is different. We have different needs, different genetic make-ups, different preferences, and different struggles.

    We believe that the best diet is the one that works for YOU. This is why we work with our clients to help them develop an understanding of food, a better relationship with food, and find a routine that fits them and their goals.

    We do this through:

    • An initial one-on-one consultation to get to know YOU and what your current diet and lifestyle look like.
    • An individualized nutrition plan and approved foods list tailored to your needs and goals.
    • Weekly email check-ins via email, text, or phone calls to help with accountability, struggles you may be having, and possible adjustments of the program to ensure continued success and progress.

    To learn more or schedule a FREE consultation, contact us or visit

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