Good Character. Hard Work. Great Results.

Rocky Hill, CT's Premier CrossFit Facility

Welcome to Back East CrossFit: A gym where good character meets hard work, allowing you to see great and lasting results! We pride ourselves on our community of like minded people with positive attitudes. Our coaches and members offer support, professionalism, and accessibility to everyone who walks through our doors. If your competitive spirit needs a place to show its stuff, we get it. Former high school and college athletes often get addicted to the thrill of competition and suddenly after graduation, there’s nowhere to get their competitive fix anymore. If you long for the camaraderie of a competitive atmosphere, Back East CrossFit is the gym for you. Run by two competitive CrossFit athletes, we have the coaching, programming, and facility to get you to peak performance. We make good athletes great. If you're new to CrossFit, don't be intimidated! We scale every work out to meet you where you are. Regardless of your age, body type, or fitness level, we have a program for you. Not every competition is against another person. The most important one is with yourself. Can you be better, stronger, leaner, faster? Yes, you CAN. As long as you’re pushing yourself and never give up, you’re winning.

Together, we train for a better life

Ready. Set. GO!

Our Facility

Back East CrossFit is your haven for functional fitness here in Rocky Hill. Our main workout area is 4,000 square feet, with an additional area dedicated to weightlifting and supplementary work. No matter where you are in our facility, you’ll find all the top-tier CrossFit equipment you need to get a great workout in. Sparkling clean and meticulously organized, Back East CrossFit is where you become better.

  • The facility is in a huge, gorgeous space and is kept incredibly clean at all times! The WODs are super challenging and carefully designed with variety and purpose. I regularly take advantage of their food delivery service and am grateful for the range of class times. Hands-down the best box.


  • Jeff and MacKenzie have put their heart & soul into this place. They are both dedicated professionals, and the Back East community is a reflection of their hard work. They strike the delicate balance of providing support while pushing us to improve. I highly recommend it. I was hooked from day 1!


  • I'm addicted. Every WOD has tremendous thought behind it, and I'm pushed beyond my limits! The owners/coaches Jeff and Mackenzie are so supportive and motivating! Their passion for CrossFit is infectious and shines through everything they do! I have truly found my CrossFit home.